Asherah Allen” This is a great place!  Asherah is a wonderful person.  She is very personable and she is very educated in acupuncture and health in general.  She knows eastern and western medicine practices and can explain how each would approach your particular needs.  If you are unsure or uncomfortable about the idea of acupuncture, she can put your mind at ease and make you feel relaxed an safe on the table.  I walk out feeling fantastic.  She was able to address, treat and relieve pain I was having in my face, neck, teeth and head.  It was debilitating.  Th ER took CT scan, did blood work and found nothing.  They offered me pills and no answer.  Dental X-ray found nothing.  Chiropractic oouldn’t fix it.  She took my pain from 9 to 2 in one treatment!  The facility is clean and easy to get to .  She also offers treatment in Florence, Ma.  Go Here!.  – Bill May

“I came to see Asherah for acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine after more than 8 years of generally feeling unwell. Almost immediately, I noticed the positive effect of her work. The night sweats disappeared first and the tongue pain quickly followed suit. Over the next few months, I began to feel whole again. The transformation has been amazing. Asherah brings to her practice a natural gentleness and compassion that put me at ease immediately. I never would have guessed that I could fall asleep during acupuncture. But I did and on numerous occasions. I credit Asherah’s style with allowing me to relax and fully absorb each treatment. “- Amanda T.- Computer Programmer

“…I feel so fortunate to have been working with Asherah for many years now. Regular massage therapy helps me to maintain my good health, and I appreciate having a skilled practitioner who knows me well when I need treatment for occasional injuries or stresses. Asherah’s knowledge of so many treatment modalities has made the difference between my being completely healthy, pain-free, and able to be as active as I want to be versus putting up with chronic pain or limiting conditions. Asherah has also worked with (treated) my entire family for stress-related tension or sports injuries, and we are all very grateful for her professional yet sensitive manner.” – Penny Molyneux, Research Associate

“Asherah is the very best at what she does.  Other than the session being wonderful she has saved me from serious back pain/problems several times and helped resolve numerous other problems.  Have recommended her to friends before and am glad to have the opportunity to do so in this media.”  Adam B., IT professional

“Asherah’s skills were a blessing during my pregnancy, when new stresses and aches cropped as my body changed. My weekly visits with her provided me with some much-needed relaxation, especially during the third trimester, when comfort was hard to come by.” – Brittnie Aiello- Assistant Professor of Sociology, Merrimack College