Spiritual/Intuitive Counseling

  • Do you have a problem/issue/illness/disease/disorder that you wish you could address through the lens of your spirituality?
  • Do you wish you could speak openly in regards to your faith or spirituality whether Judeo/Christian, Pagan/Heathen/Wiccan, New Age, or Eclectic spirituality with your health care practitioner?
  • Do find that praying, focused intention, divination, and meditation help ground and center you and get you clear?
  • Do you wish your healthcare practitioner guided you from a place of spirit centered focus?

If you answered yes to any of these, Spiritual Counseling is for you!  Asherah is a Certified Spiritual /Intuitive Counselor specializing in personal Spiritual Crisis, trauma and chronic pain, family systems, and intimacy. She also knows when, where, and to whom you should be referred if what you really need is a great psychotherapist. For your safety and to keep within her scope of practice, at times Asherah will only agree to work with you if you are currently seeing a psychotherapist. Sessions are conducted in person or on a HIPPA compliant video/phone platform.