Will acupuncture hurt? – Most often, acupuncture feels like a small prick or pinch.  Sometimes the sensation can be intense but not necessarily painful.  A “De Qi” sensation is obtained on key points to receive the most efficacy from the treatment.  A“De Qi” sensation is when the level of Qi (energy) is reached in the body.  If it is ever painful please alert Asherah immediately and she will adjust or remove the needles as necessary.  Once the needles are in place, most patients experience a profoundly deep relaxation.

Are the needles sterile?- Asherah uses stainless steel/sterile/single use/disposable needles and is certified and compliant with Clean Needle Technique to assure the utmost safety for her patients.

How many treatments will I need?- The number of treatments varies according to the severity and duration of the imbalance as well as on the overall strength in constitution of the patient.  For most pain issues, a noticeable reduction in pain should be felt in one to three treatments.  For more chronic health issues please allow 6-8 treatments before expecting to see long standing results.  Many people find regular weekly or monthly acupuncture visits to be efficacious in their healing, especially in the initial stages of treatment.  Seasonal ‘tune-ups” can be utilized once an imbalance is resolved.

What should I wear to acupuncture treatment?- Please wear loose comfortable clothing that provides easy access to the arms and legs. Avoid wearing any strong smelling cologne, perfume, and other body products that may offend those patients who are chemically sensitive.

How old does a person need to be for treatment?  Asherah treats people of all ages including infants.  Infants are treated using a Teishin or non-insertive needle.  Minors 17 yrs. and younger will need a letter of consent to treat signed by their legal guardian.