With a decade of full time therapeutic massage experience, you can enjoy the wide range of modalities Asherah offers. She has worked in various settings including an International Yoga Resort, Chiropractors Office, Spa, Gym, even rock concerts, and now private office. Asherah helps ease the aches and pains associated with acute and chronic injury as well as aiding in the reduction of stress and stress related illness. Asherah is also available for home visits and corporate and private seated chair events. She is nationally certified through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCTMB).


Swedish Massage designed to bring total relaxation with long flowing strokes aimed to increase blood flow and oxygenation to restricted tissue

Deep Tissue/Sports for injuries or deeply held musculo-skeletal tension.  Asherah has worked on professional athletes of varying disciplines to help them gain the most of recovery and performance

Reiki Asherah is a Reiki Master Teacher Trainer and uses this gentle energetic modality to calm the mind and clear the body and its energy field of unwanted vibrations that no longer serve as well as to gain a deep sense of peace.  She is available for level one, two and Master level degree trainings.

Aromatherapy custom blended aromatic oils are tailored to the individual with each person’s unique needs brought into harmony

Reflexology enjoy this hour long ‘treat for the feet’ with warm foot soak and organic products designed to balance the whole body through the microcosm of the feet.

Hot Stone Massage using basalt rocks that glide over the body with delicate oil, this is the ultimate treatment for loosening tight muscles and melting away tension

Shiatsu performed on a mat, this traditional Asian acupressure releases and opens the meridians for free flow of energy 

Pre and Peri Natal Massage Asherah holds a special certification in this modality for premium care of mothers as they adjust to the challenges and joys of their changing bodies during pregnancy and in preparation for childbirth.

Alchemical Healing Asherah is a Level One Alchemical Healing Practitioner.  This esoteric, spiritual modality is best suited for those currently experiencing a spiritual crisis and involves guided mediation that helps re-write difficult aspects of our experiences.

Emotional Freedom Technique Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a non-invasive tapping technique where the patient is guided to tap on certain Meridian points that free stuck emotional energy while repeating affirmations that help form new neural pathways in the brain. The use of EFT helps to address the underlying energetic patterns with the goal of bringing balance and harmony within the energetic field. When the body’s energy field is balanced and flowing without disruption, the body can naturally heal itself. My practice of EFT and Bach Flower Essences does not replace the help of licensed mental health care professionals. I am happy to offer excellent referrals to licensed mental health professionals when needed.

Doula trained as a doula, Asherah brings her expertise as a healer, pre and peri natal massage therapist to the unique experience of childbirth for her patients.  She honors every woman’s need for choice and advocates for every woman’s right to have an empowered birth.

Flower Essence Therapy Asherah is a Level One Certified Bach Flower Essence Practitioner.  Bach Flower Remedies have been in use since Dr. Edward Bach first began to work with them in 1930.  As a Western trained physician he discovered that the root of all ailments existed in the emotional body.  Therefore, all Bach flower essences are aimed at bringing balance to the emotional body and therefore to the rest of the physical body and psyche.  Bach Flower Remedies consist of spring water infused with wild flowers.  Asherah custom blends each remedy to suit the specific needs of her patients.  For more info visit Bach Flower Remedies.