My father was hit three times in auto accidents, twice by drunk drivers. He lived with chronic pain for over 20 years. When he stood up after undergoing lumbar spinal surgery, his spine basically collapsed. He was told that the neck portion of his injuries were inoperable and that he was facing inevitable paralysis. Faced with this information, my father made an impossible choice. He killed himself.

My name is Asherah Allen and I am a Master Healer dedicated to taking people from pain to gain. You see, while my father’s story may not sound like a success story, I believe it was. Due to the modalities my father used, many of which I practice, he was able to live with chronic pain for over twenty years without the use of painkillers. He was blessed with many years of living, loving, and working due to how he managed his condition. I believe he would have made that decision far sooner without the use of alternative/holistic medicine. Treating trauma and chronic pain isn’t just my passion, it’s deeply personal.